About Us

The NuMoo Baby multi-functional baby cover is my favorite and most used product during the newborn baby stage!!

Just before my baby was born in 2016  I made a couple of nursing covers for myself. I adapted it slightly to fit snugly over our car seat that we had bought.

For the first 6 months I used it mainly as a nursing cover when out and about. Which made nursing in public so much easier!! 

And as a car seat cover for our newborn doctor appointments, prom walks and lunch outings. Protecting him from the Cape Town wind, and the winter rain and other outside elements. Keeping my newborn warm and snug and sleeping peacefully! Yes please!

And always making sure I never left home without it, I had one in every bag.

Then from about 6 months when he was able to sit, I would use it as a shopping cart cover.

When out I always got asked where I had bought it from. And at the time they were not available in South Africa. So I decided to start making a few and sell them myself. 

It took me a while to get organised - being busy with a new baby and a full time job - but I am finally here :)

I am excited for you to use and enjoy my product as much as I did as a new mom!